Charlotte Leadership Board Members

Rachel Chesley

Rachel Chesley

Chapter Director

As the Chapter Director Rachel Chesley is responsible for providing guidance for the chapter, representing ChickTech within the community, and ensuring that all programs are running sustainably. Professionally, she is a Business Systems Consultant within the Wells Fargo Associate Program. She graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte with her B.A. in Computer Science. While working through school, Rachel gained a decade’s worth of experience in various roles including customer service and tutoring.

While at UNC Charlotte, Rachel gained a passion and advocacy for diversity in technology by being the President of Association for Computing Machinery – Women. After college she has pursued her passion by being a member of the UNC Charlotte Leadership Alumni Council and by helping to start ChickTech Charlotte.

Rachel’s interests center around community, design, and technology making ChickTech Charlotte the perfect place for her. In her free time she can be found checking out new spots with her dog Luna, adventuring outdoors, or attending community events.

You can reach Rachel at

Brittney Connor

High School Program Director

As High School Program Director Brittney provides guidance and manages the ChickTech High School Program (Kick Off Event & the Monthly Workshops), working closely with the company hosting the event, as well as the Workshop and Activities Manager when planning the event.

By day Brittney Connor is a Client Service Consultant 3 within Enterprise Utility Services (EUS) at Wells Fargo. She graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with her B.S in Psychology, minor in Computer Science.  Working as a Client Service Consultant allows Brittney to partner with clients and developers, providing a high level of customer service and the ability to understand and translate goals and product development strategies.

Since joining Wells Fargo Brittney has become a highly engaged team member, joining Toastmasters International at CIC, and holding the position of Co-Chair on the Activities Committee for the Enterprise Utility Services Diversity and Inclusion Outreach Team. Most recently, Brittney founded the EUS Public Speaking Club, as she values the importance of effective communication and personal and professional development.

Prior to College Brittney was at most a C – student, being told by many teachers that she was delayed and would need special services. After much trial and error (in addition to a few tears), she became confident in her ability to learn in her own way and thrived. This has empowered Brittney to appreciate and embrace the differences in individuals throughout multiple facets of life. Her ultimate goal is to facilitate and motivate young women through continued education and technology; encouraging them to see their full potential and take ownership and responsibility for their lives as well as seeing the value in collaboration with others.

Currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina with her fur-baby Sully, Brittney spends her free time cooking, working out, reading, taking outdoor adventures, and daydreaming about world travel.

You can reach Brittney at

Sarah Doran

High School Workshop and Activities Manager

As High School Program Workshop and Activities Manager Sarah organizes and creates the ChickTech High School workshop events, working closely with the High School Program Director when planning each event.

Sarah Doran is a UI developer from Cardinal Solutions who is currently working on an Angular project out at Duke Energy. Previous to this project, Sarah was a React developer on the Duke Energy employee portal redesign.

Prior to becoming a developer, Sarah was an elementary school computer science teacher. She spent her days teaching over 800 students foundational skills in coding, robotics, creating and editing videos, storytelling, keyboarding and digital citizenship through a STEAM oriented curriculum. During her time teaching Sarah also spoke at local, regional and international conferences about the importance of STEAM and the engineering design process in schools. During her summers off Sarah worked as a Minecraft Mod Design lead teacher for a company called Youth Digital. It was during that time when she got the bug to switch from teaching to coding!

Sarah lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and old lady kitty, Mab. In her free time, she is either cooking, watching B horror movies, visiting bottle shops, taprooms and breweries, or traveling to her adopted second home city of Asheville.

You can reach Sarah at

Pinky Parsons

Career Development Director

As the Career Development Director, Pinky is responsible for building and executing programming to engage the women in technology community by coordinating career development events, establishing a mentoring program, and other related activities.

During the day, Pinky (aka Rachel) is the Application Development Practice Manager at Cardinal Solutions Group in Charlotte, NC. Having worked as a programmer for nearly 20 years, Pinky has a wide breadth of experience in various programming languages including .Net, Java, and mobile development. Most recently, she’s been architecting mobile apps using Swift, and her teams are well versed in development best practices. In the last 5 years, Pinky has had the opportunity to manage teams and large projects, evolving the teams’ capabilities and driving them to deliver high quality applications. She is also a frequent speaker at conferences, and is passionate about helping people get into technology.

While she’s passionate about technology, she balances sitting behind a computer all day with a variety of outdoor activities. When her nose isn’t buried in a book, Pinky is probably trekking around mountain trails, doing yoga, or out in her kayak on Lake Norman. She loves combining technology with non-technology focused industries such as craft beer, fitness, and education.

You can reach Pinky at

Rose Reinlib

Volunteer Director

As Volunteer Director, Rose is in charge of recruiting and managing volunteers for ChickTech Charlotte opportunities.  Professionally, Rose is a Web Developer within the Retail Delivery Systems (RDS) team at Wells Fargo. Graduating with honors from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Rose obtained her B.A. in Computer Science, with a concentration in Cyber Security.  Working as a Web Developer, Rose primarily codes in Java.

While attending UNC Charlotte, Rose was a teaching assistant (TA) for several programming courses. While being a TA, she gained a passion for aiding and instructing others, especially empowering women and their involvement in technology. Rose held the position of Off Campus Events Chair for the Association for Computing Machinery – Women, and continues to support through her role as a Leader within the ChickTech Charlotte Organization.

In her free time, Rose likes to attend cyber security conferences, and learn about what is new in the technology world.

You can reach Rose at

Maryalicia Johnson

Community Relations and Fundraising Director

As Community Relations and Fundraising Director, Maryalicia is responsible for building strategic partnerships, community awareness and serves as a career coach and professional stem education spokesperson for the chapter. She holds an M.B.A. with a focus on corporate business from Florida International University, and earned her B.A. in Communications from the University of Central Florida. Maryalicia is an award winning communicator focused on the tech industry with over 15 years of experience advancing innovative computing solutions and advocating for high value-high wage job creation.  She launched the University’s largest scale program for Women in Computing in 2015 by developing UNC Charlotte’s Corporate Mentors with 70 volunteer IT leaders and STEM role models focused on the advancement of underrepresented talent.

Maryalicia works at UNC Charlotte’s College of Computing and Informatics as a lead external relations strategist responsible for the computing and STEM education partnerships. Her passion for students and driving real-world skills is specialized in the areas of cyber security, data science, disruptive technologies, data visualization, robotics, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, genomics and precision health.

You can reach Maryalicia at

Charlotte Advisory Board Members

Jeannine McConnell


Celine Latulipe

Celine Latulipe conducts research in the broad area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), focusing on novel interaction techniques, creativity support tools, technology for the Arts, and innovation in computing education. Dr. Latulipe has received significant NSF funding for research in computing and computing education. She led the transformation of introductory computing courses in CCI, inventing the Lightweight Teams approach to flipped classroom learning. Dr. Latulipe served as the General Chair for the ACM UIST Conference in 2015, and has served on numerous conference program committees within the HCI field. She was the keynote speaker at the ACM Creativity & Cognition Conference in 2013 and at the University of Maryland’s Innovation in Teaching Conference in 2016. Learn more about Celine Latulipe at

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